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Current Issue

January-April 2019| Vol 2| Issue 1


Evidence-Based Medicine: New Paradigm Towards Sound Medical Practice

The last issue of this Journal carried an Editorial on Creating the Indian Airway Guidelines and Beyond.[1] This time around, we would like to emphasise the need of the hour, evidence-based medicine...

Original Article

Comparison of high-flow nasal cannula versus conventional oxygen therapy following extubation after paediatric cardiac surgery

Background: Respiratory complications after cardiac surgery increase morbidity, mortality and length of hospital stay. Oxygen administered using a high-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) improves oxyg...

Original Article

Comparison of channelled blade with non-channelled Blade of King Vision™ videolaryngoscope for orotracheal intubation: A randomised, controlled, multicentric study

Introduction: We conducted a randomised, controlled, prospective, multicentric comparison of channelled blade versus non-channelled blade of the King Vision™ videolaryngoscope for orotr...

Original Article

Is neck roentgenogram essential for airway assessment in thyroid swelling? A 3-year audit in a tertiary care centre

Introduction: Thyroid swelling leading to airway compromise offers a challenge to the anaesthesiologist. Neck roentgenograms are routinely done as a part of preanaesthetic evaluation in thyro...

Original Article

Correlation of anticipated difficult airway with concurrent intubation: A prospective observational study

Background: Neither all anticipated difficult airways prove to be difficult intubations nor can all difficult intubations be accurately predicted. We conducted this prospective observational ...

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