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Current Issue

May-August 2019| Vol 2| Issue 2


Airway assessment by ultrasonography: Is it the final answer?

Preoperative airway assessment is largely aimed at predicting poor laryngoscopic views as assessed classically by Cormack and Lehane (CL) grading system.[1] However, lack of concurrence between any ...

Review Article

Voice loss following endotracheal intubation: The anaesthesiologist's dilemma

Endotracheal intubation is a routine procedure performed by anaesthesiologists worldwide. It is as routine as the placement of a peripheral intravenous catheter. Albeit the gold standard for securin...

Special Article

Describing and displaying numerical and categorical data

The set of observations recorded during research work is termed data. Data can be described as numerical or categorical. While numerical data are further divided into discrete or continuous, categor...

Original Article

Correlation between ultrasonographic evaluation of the airway and Cormack-Lehane view by direct laryngoscopy in the Indian subpopulation

Background: An important aspect of airway management is assessment of the airway to predict difficult intubation. Ultrasonography has recently emerged as a noninvasive tool that is helpful fo...

Original Article

Does prewarming of tracheal tubes prevent epistaxis following nasotracheal intubation? A prospective, randomised, single-blind study

Introduction: Nasotracheal intubation has always been considered more traumatic than orotracheal intubation. According to previous studies, warming of endotracheal tubes is a good practice be...

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